Bilbao Airport
Bilbao Airport is a gateway to Basque Country and Northern Spain. The airport caters to around 4 million passengers annually and is a located 5.6 miles from North Bilbao in Loiu, Biscay. The airport is best known for its main terminal designed by Santiago Calatrava. Bilbao airport ranks second for the number of available destinations and is an important Vueling base.

The terminal has a sophisticated design featuring a sharp tipped center and two symmetrical “wings.” You can see the design inspiration coming from either side of the terminal. The previous design was named “La Paloma” or “The Dove.” The terminal sported white glass and concrete whereas the interiors remain open offering luminous spaces. Bilbao airport terminal has two floors. The lower deck welcomes arrivals while the upper hosts departures.

Bilbao airport can handle up to 4.5 million passengers. There are several transportation options to and from the airport. These include the Bizkai Bus and the Lurradelbus. The BizkaiBus bus line connects the city bus station, Bilbao center and the airport. The bus arrives and departs every 30 minutes. Services run from 5:25 am to 21:55 from Bilbao going to the airport and 6:15 am to 24:00 from airport going to Bilbao. Between March 16 to October 31, the bus arrives and departs every 20 minutes.

Lurraldebus, on the other hand, operates under PESA. It offers transportation to Donostia-San Sebastián. Bus frequency is hourly departing between 07:45 and 23:45. Travel duration runs around 1 hour 15 minutes. The bus only stops at Zarautz near two Euskotren stations.

It was in 1996, the airport started offering a new taxiway featuring a new aircraft parking area and two rapid exits. The airport’s latest tower control oversees airport operations and encourages a more focused airfield vision. There is also a new terminal building measuring 340,000 sq ft and a parking space that can hold up to 3,000 cars.

Bilbao airport plans to expand and add another terminal building plus car parking and other amenities. The airport eyes on accommodating up to 8 million passengers this 2014.